Reindeer herding IP Vasiliev J.N



 Joseph N. Vasiliev, 1970 birth, evenk, hereditary herder, hunter, fisherman.

Wife - Marina Vasilyeva - teacher of additional education in the school of art. They have two children.

Industrial activity takes place on reindeer herding clan territory located in the western Kodar (Syulban valley and its tributaries) and Udokan ridge (along rivers and their tributaries Kuanda, Eymnah, Sani). The area includes the zone of volcanic activity Ridge Udokan output current mineral and hot springs, as well as former GULAGs camps. The head of the economy and his assistants have years of experience with tourists, scientists, and other geological expeditions.


Tribal Community NSP "Gevan" (Rainbow)



Head - Spyridon N. Gabyshev, born 1958, evenk, hereditary reindeer herder, hunter.

Wife - Antonina Gabysheva, director Chapo-Ologsk elementary school. The family of 5 children, 4 grandchildren. Evenk family kept the language and traditions of their people. Leader - a person with an active lifestyle. Starting work on the revival of reindeer, after the collapse of state farms, with a personal herd of 15 deer head by now brought it up to 1500. The community of 17 people, representatives of the NSP. One of the first in the area began to work in the tourism business. Understands the importance of this industry and the prospect for the development and existence of deer farms. The issue of creating a second community «Metakat» («Head») under the guidance of his eldest son Gabyshev Alexey Spiridonovich. Communities to industrial activity in the river valleys Kalar, Kalakan, Chitkanda in the lake system Amudisy, Chitkanda Kalar Range. The farm has a good industrial base, transportation and other equipment.


Reindeer herding IP Malchakitov YU.YU



Yuri Y. Malchakitov, born in 1960, evenk, hereditary herder, hunter, fisherman.

Wife - Mira G. Malchakitova, works with her husband in reindeer herding. In the family of 3 children, 4 grandchildren. One of the few families kept evenks language and use it. Is the object of research and studies. Industrial activity takes place in the Central Kodar (valleys and tributaries of the Upper and Middle Sakukan), r. Big Torah, the tract Chara Sands. Head of Management and his wife have a lot of experience working with tourists, ethnographic, geological and other expeditions.