Author and Project Manager - Victor Nickolaevich Gurulev, teacher Further Education, Honorary Worker of General Education Russian Federation.

We welcome all potential participants agroetnotours and travel offered by the White deer in the northern Baikal region. We hope that by participating in them, you will get a lasting impression on the unique nature of this corner of Russia, touches and discover for yourself secrets and features life, surprising small people - evenks, it's past and present


Project Coordinator - Natalia Prokopievna Gabysheva, President Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North Trans-Baikal region.

I believe that my the people of old, who lives in the area have learned to survive in the harsh climatic conditions that created the unique culture and traditions, must not only be preserved, but also learn how worthy to live in the new socio-economic terms. Active display historical experience, tradition and culture of NSP Transbaikalia through agroetnotourism activity may make it popular in modern society, so strengthen the hope that world civilization will not lose this small ethnic group and it will be developed


Good luck, new and good meetings.