Deer farms of northern Transbaikalia ready show hospitality and warmth with your participation in the following stages:

On a visit to the White Deer - this tour involves taking tourists and tourist groups on deer parks, acquaintance with life, life, work herders (While tourists eat and live on their own, being close to farm ).

Friends of the White Deer - this tour involves participation in productive activities economy: the work of caring for deer hunting, fishing, gathering and gives opportunity to feel like a tourist for a short time, reindeer herders and hunters.

Tour groups, expeditions, individual persons reindeer ready to assist in the carriage of goods by deer on territory of their production in the year.

Organize hunting and fishing, with license and the allowed time for game animals and birds of northern Transbaikalia.

All decision-makers to participate in tours to keep in mind that they are made in real mountain taiga of the northern Transbaikalia, involve elements of extreme nature, but are available to any healthy person with no special skills. For a decision to be taken, pre-specify the conditions directly with the performers for your orders.

Transportation communication, reception and accommodation of tourists and groups, the prices of services:

Reindeer farms involved in agroethnotourism work are located in Kalar Transbaikal region edge. The area is connected by air (through the city Chita) and rail links to other parts of Russia.

Airbus AN24 offers three flights a week to the village of Char (regional center) of Chita. through Chara station run passenger trains from Moscow to Tynda and Kislovodsk-Tynda.

Questions and receive tourists and groups are specified , by contact Relations, from their arrival in the village Chara (aircraft) or Chara station (train). Chara village is 16 km from Chara station. These settlements connected by bus, as well as the route and ordinary taxis. To station Chara works Hotel Kodar.

Prices for services:

The price of services - negotiated, defined by the number of participants, the season, the complexity of orders. Prices are reasonable and are available for most lovers of tourism and exotic.

With a group of conductors musher to carriage of goods by pack reindeer routes or Getting cargo on "Route".

- Payment of the conductor musher with pack reindeer, with a minimum of 6 goals in the group from 2000 rubles a day.

(Minimum group of deer is determined by the biology of these animals. In large herds that groups with strong hierarchical relationships. Destruction of these groups can lead to lack of control. If need fewer deer for transportation of goods, such conditions must be discussed separately.)

- Pack a deer from 500 rubles a day's march.

(Daily transition coincides with the graph of the movement, depending on the complexity of the terrain, in the range of 10 - 20 km (in the summer) with a load of 20 kg packs.)